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Who’s been nominated for a Whitney?


Official Nominees for The Whitney Award 2010

These are NOT category finalists. Five Finalists in each category will be announced February 1.

“*” Indicates first-time authors eligible for the “Best Novel by a New Author” award


Band of Sisters Annette Lyon
Blink of an Eye Gregg Luke
Lipstick Wars Christine Thackary
Awakening Avery Laurie Lewis
Backlash Tracey Abramson
Pieces of Paris GG Vandergirff
*Turning Hearts Deanne Blackhurst
Lucky Change Susan Law Corpany
Suntunnels and Secrets Carole Thayne Warburton
*The Rogue Shop Michael Knudsen
Lonely Polygamist Brady Udall
Finding Mercie Blaine M. Yorganson
The Cross Gardner Jason F. Wright


The Silence of God Gale Sears
Alma the Younger HB Moore
*Heroes of the Fallen David J. West
Free Men and Dreamers: Oh Say Can You See Vol. 4 Laurie C. Lewis
Trespass Sandra Grey
Sheen on the Silk Anne Perry
Escape to Zion Jean Holbrook Mathews


*I’ll Know You by Heart Kimberly Job
Courting Miss Lancaster Sarah Eden
Chocolate Roses Joan Sowards
The Guise of a Gentleman Donna Hatch
Luck of the Draw Rachel Renee Anderson
*Finding Rose Stephanie Humphreys
Rebound Heather Justesen
Cross My Heart Julie Wright
Unbroken Connections: Taken by Storm 2 Angela Morrison
The Legend of Shannonderry Carole Warburton
By Heart and By Compass Danielle Thorne
Josette Danielle Thorne
Heart of a Hero Marie Higgins
*Meg’s Melody Kaylee Baldwin
The Wishing Hour Jewel Adams
*Winning Mr. Wrong Marie Higgins
*The Widower’s Wife Prudent Bice
The Broken Road Shannon Guymon
*Bumpy Landings Don Carey
The Counterfeit Convert Linda Chadwick


*Wrong Number Rachelle Christensen
Cold as Ice Stephanie Black
A Time to Die Jeff Savage
Defensive Tactics Steve Westover
Dangerous Connections Julie Coulter Bellon
Crossfire Tracy Abramson
The Embassy Orin Parker
Kay’sVille Sheralynn Pratt
Murder by Design Betsy Brannon Green


Imprints Rachel Ann Nunes
Mr. Monster Dan Wells
*The Thorn Daron Fraley
The Way of Kings Brandon Sanderson
Trapped Ronda Hinrichsen
The Scorch Trials James Dashner
Pathfinder Orson Scott Card
Monster Hunter Vendetta Larry Correia
Promise Me Richard Paul Evans

Young Adult (GENERAL):

Being Sixteen Alison Braithwaite Condie
My Double Life Janette Rallison
My Ridiculous Romantic Obsessions Becca Wilhite
The Healing Spell Kimberly Griffiths Little
Summer in Paris Michele Ashman Bell
Sing Me to Sleep Angela Morrison
*Growing Up Gracie Maggie Fechner
*Second Kiss Natalie Palmer
Wolves, Boys and Other Things That Might Kill Me Kristen Chandler
*Perilous Tamara Hart Heiner
Glimpse Carole Lynch Williams
Missing in Action Dean Hughes

Young Adult (SPECULATIVE):

Tombs of Terror T. Lynn Adams
Fablehaven 5 Brandon Mull
The Golden Spiral Lisa Mangum
*Flecks of Gold Alicia Buck
Queen in Exile Donna Hatch
*Foresight Sherry Ficklin
Princess of Glass Jessica Day George
The Fourth Nephite Jeffrey Savage
Choke Obert Sky
*Paranormalcy Kiersten White
The Limit Kristen Landon
*The Sapphire Flute Karen Hoover
*The Forbidden Sea Sheila Nielson
*Intrinsical Lani Woodland
*The Bent Sword Steve Glasher
13th Reality Book 3: The Blade of Shattered Hope James Dashner
*The Peasant Queen Cheri Chesley
*The Cantacle Kingdom Michael Young
Matched Alison Condie
The Stone Traveler Kathi Oram Peterson
The Princess and the Snowbird Mette Ivie Harrison
The Star Prophesy Joan Sowards
Castles and Caverns: Zeld and the Invaders J.D. Raisor
Crossed Out Kim Baccelia

Books nominated but ineligible:

Devil’s Food Cake Josi S. Kilpack (ineligible due to author serving on the Whitney committee)
Key Lime Pie Josi S. Kilpack (ineligible due to author serving on the Whitney committee)
Tears of Heaven Jewel Adams (ineligible due to insufficient length)
Secret Sisters Tristi Pinkston (ineligible due to insufficient length)
The Pirate Bride Ryan and Anna McKinley (ineligible due to insufficient length)
Secret of the Dragon Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman (not all co-authors are LDS writers)
Towers of Midnight Brandon Sanderson and Robert Jordan (not all co-authors are LDS writers)
The Road Show Braden Bell (ineligible due to insufficient length)

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