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TJ Amberson's Love At Lakewood Med cover, a young woman with a stethoscope
Love At Lakewood Med Title Title Title Title
TJ Amberson Author Author Author Author


Cindy Baldwin's Where the Watermelons Grow, cover, styled to look like a watermelon page Laura Beers' cover of A Tangled Ruse, a girl in a wedding dress looking over her shoulder Teri Bailey Black's cover of Girl at the Grave, spooky graveyard image in green and blue Sally Britton's His Bluestocking's cover with a young woman in a lavender dress
Where The Watermelons Grow A Tangled Ruse To Love A Spy Girl at the Grave His Bluestocking Bride
Cindy Baldwin Laura Beers Laura Beers Teri Bailey Black Sally Britton
Sally Britton's The Earl and His Lady's cover with a young woman in a sea foam green dress DJ Butler's cover of Witchy Winter, a girl holding a crown with a beam of fiery light shooting upward from her eye
The Earl and His Lady Witchy Winter Title Title Title
Sally Britton D.J. Butler Author Author Author


Nancy Campbell Allen's Kiss of the Spindle cover, steampunk styled sleeping beauty pose Heather Chapman's The Forgotten Girl's cover of maps and ships in blueprint style Frank L Cole's Potion Masters cover, a kid about to throw a potion at a ghost
Kiss Of The Spindle Good Girls Stay Quiet The Forgotten Girl Potion Masters:
The Eternity Elixir
Nancy Campbell Allen Jo Cassidy Heather Chapman Frank L. Cole Author



Cover of Sarah M Eden's Ashes On The Moor, couple holding hands, view from the back Cover of Sarah M Eden's Loving Lieutenant Lancaster, man in a naval uniform, historical Rosalyn Eves' cover or Lost Crow Conspiracy with a crow shedding clay shell
Ashes On The Moor Loving Lieutenant Lancaster Lost Crow Conspiracy Title Title
Sarah M. Eden Sarah M. Eden Rosalyn Eves Author Author



Jen Geigle Johnson's cover of Scarlet, a young woman looking over her shoulder, flowers in her hair
Scarlet Title Title Title Title
Jen Geigle Johnson Author Author Author Author


Teri Harman's cover of 1000 Sleepless Nights, parchment and text Esther Hatch's Roses of Feldstone cover, a girl on with a fan, sitting on a balcony Ben Hale's The Fragment Of Water's cover with a man with very blue eyes Maria Hoagland's The Combustible Engagement cover, a lady in country boots on a firetruck Maria Hoagland's The Practically Romantic Groom cover, a lady in a lace dress mounting a horse
A Thousand Sleepless Nights Roses Of Feldstone The Fragment Of Water The Combustible Engagement The Practically Romantic Groom
Teri Harman Esther Hatch Ben Hale Maria Hoagland Maria Hoagland
Traci Hunter Abramson's cover of Tripwire, a man and a girl in profile, yachts and data strings
Tripwire Title Title Title Title
Traci Hunter Abramson Author Author Author Author



Perfect Set Title Title Title Title
Melanie Jacobson Author Author Author


Carla Kelly's cover of The Unlikely Master Genius, a man in era clothes, compass behind him Josi S Kilpack's Miss Wilton's Waltz cover, a man and a woman holding hands
The Unlikely Master Genius Miss Wilton’s Waltz Title Title Title
Carla Kelly Josi S. Kilpack Author Author Author


Sara B. Larson's Bright Burns The Night cover of an eagle rising from a crown Tricia Levenseller's cover of Daughter of the Siren Queen with a redhead diving off a sheep into deep waters Tana Lovett's Cover of As Long As There Is Chocolate, a candy shop front
Bright Burns the Night Daughter of the Siren Queen As Long As There Is Chocolate Title Title
Sara B. Larson Tricia Levenseller Tana Lovett Author Author


Julie Matern's The Secret of Haversham House cover, a pretty young lady Heather B Moore's Where I belong cover, red boots with daffodils Heather B Moore's Worth the Wait cover with red poppies in a clear vase Jennifer Moore's cover of My Dearest Enemy, young lady leaning on the doorway, soldiers below
The Secret of Haversham House Where I Belong Worth the Risk My Dearest Enemy Title
Julie Matern Heather B Moore Heather B Moore Jennifer Moore Author


Ryan K Nelson's Cash Valley: To Bring One Down cover, a woman running through a prison hallway Jennifer A. Nielsen's The Traitor's Game cover with black roses, gold leaves and a skull-hilted sword
Cash Valley:
To Bring One Down
The Traitor’s Game Title Title Title
Ryan K Nelson Jennifer A. Nielsen Author Author Author



Michelle Pennington's The Lovely Deep cover with redheaded mermaid sitting on the sea floor
The Lovely Deep Title Title Title Title
Michelle Pennington Author Author Author Author



Jenny Rabe's Man of My Dreams cover of couple wearing winter clothes, holding hands Joanna Reeder's In Her Dream cover of a blond girl looking up Teresa Richards' The Windfall App cover of a teen holding a smartphone with another cute teen standing by, illustrated
Man of my Dreams In Her Dreams The Windfall App Title Title
Jenny Rabe Joanna Reeder Teresa Richards Author Author


Liesl Shurtliff's Grump's cover with a cartoonish, grumpy dwarf Jessilynn Stewart Peaslee's Finding Beauty in the Beast cover with the rose traditionally associated with the story
Grump: The (Fairly) True Tale of
Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
Finding Beauty in the Beast Title Title Title
Liesl Shurtliff Jessilyn Stewart Peaslee Author Author Author


Mike Thayer's cover of Passage To Avalon, cartoon kids in steampunk style
Passage to Avalon Title Title Title Title
Mike Thayer Author Author Author Author




Wall and Roberts' cover of Forbidden Faith, a girl in head covers Kate Watson's Shoot the Moon cover of a young man with a background of red and white spiral and playing cards Becca Wilhite's Check Me Out cover of a yellow mug with a heart hanging out like a tag on a tea bag Sariah Wilson's #Starstruck cover, a young man in a suite with sunglasses
Forbidden Faith Shoot the Moon Check Me Out #Starstruck Title
Mechel Wall & R. H. Roberts Kate Watson Becca Wilhite Sariah Wilson Author




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