Terry Deighton – The Trap (Tweaks)

The only time Karen Goetz feels like herself is when she projects her self out of her body. Floating around the neighborhood at night lets her forget about Dr. Grey trying to capture her friends, having to miss most of the middle school activities, and losing her parents. Floating free brings a peace she can’t find in her physical form until she sees her neighbors’ television being carried out of their house by two men dressed in black. Without her body, she can’t do anything to stop them. When robberies crop up all over town, the Tweaks put their genetically enhanced abilities to work to catch the crooks. Then Karen notices it’s getting harder to project, and she can’t stay “out” as long. Is she losing her ability? Are the others? Can they avoid Dr. Grey and save the town from the robbers before they have to face what is happening to them?