Aspen Hadley – Simply Starstruck

Dating isn’t just complicated, it’s confusing. Especially when you’re a young widowed single mother with a gift for getting herself into interesting situations. It’s been two years since Kate Evans unexpectedly lost her husband Charlie. One year since her Aunt Cassandra showed upon her doorstep, said enough was enough, and packed Kate and her son back to Colorado to live in her guest cottage.

Just when Kate is starting to get comfortable in her new reality, three very different men enter her life. Alec is young, easy going and up for anything. Nate is a divorced dad who is steady,reliable and everything Kate should want.Jess is quite literally the boy next door, not to mention a real life movie star straight from every girl’s dreams.

Is she really ready to jump into the dating scene again? Or does she stay in the same safe place free from heartache? From roller skates to croquet games and art galleries, Kate’s journey is anything but predictable. Through it all Kate is forced to confront things she’d rather leave buried, along with the possibility of a new love that is exactly what she needs.