Janell A. Johnson – Windham Cottage

When London nurse Katherine Lawson loses all that is important to her, including her fiancé, to the German war machine during World War II, she turns to the country to find solace. But when a Nazi bomber derails her journey and the train she is on, she is thrown into the path of American pilot Mack Wesley. There, in the tiny village of Dansborough in Southern England, with the friendship of the women in the Women’s Voluntary Service and Captain Wesley, Katherine begins to understand that there is a God, and a time and a purpose to all things, including love. Captain Mack Wesley has one goal on his mind—to help end the war with Germany as soon as possible so he can go home. One goal, that is, until Katherine Lawson is brought into his life by the gunfire of enemy fighters. Now he must make choices that could challenge his best intentions, especially as he embarks on a dangerous mission and is captured by the enemy. It may take more than he bargained for to make it back to safety and the woman he loves.