Tarrah Montgomery – The Princess and the Pesky Pea

Ivee is an orphan whose aunt took her away from her hometown of Shelley, Idaho. Many years later, at age nineteen, Ivee has returned to Shelley to teach school, but she barely remembers the place and doesn’t think she fits in.

Then she meets Lance, a handsome boy who disappears for weeks at a time. When Ivee decides to follow the trail of peas he leaves for her, she passes through a magic door into a place called Fenmore Falls. In this enchanted kingdom, Lance is a prince . . . and betrothed to a faraway princess.

Ivee tries to deny her feelings for Lance, but she simply can’t forget him. When fate leads her to the castle, she learns there are people who will do anything to keep her away from the prince. Ivee can give up and return home to Idaho, or fight for a chance at true love.

An orphan girl from Idaho couldn’t marry a prince . . . or could she?