Sara Jo Cluff – The Immortal Life of Cotton Wyley

If Peter Pan had a brother who couldn’t fly, was a little less arrogant, and was stuck in the U.S. instead of Neverland, it would be Cotton Wyley, the boy stuck at age ten.

Over the years, Cotton has come to realize his personality and tiny body make him a better sidekick than super hero, and he’s totally okay with it. In fact, he rocks it. So when trouble comes his way, he’s ready to save the day. Aside from rescuing students in peril, Cotton has two huge problems. First, his sixth-great nephew, whom he now calls Father, is a confirmed bachelor and refuses to have kids, so Cotton needs to find a future guardian to help keep his immortality a secret. Second, his best friend, the big, strong hero, is avoiding his foster home. He won’t talk to Cotton about his situation, so Cotton uses his not-so-subtle snooping abilities to try to figure out what’s going on.

Cotton must don his side-kick cape to rescue his friend and find a new guardian, or else his friend may come away with more than bruises and Cotton’s secret immortal life will be exposed, taking the control of his life out of his hands.