Gala Information
When and where?
The 14th Annual Whitney Awards Gala will be held on Friday, May 14th, 2021. Time and location TBA.
Who can attend the Whitney Awards gala?
The gala is a public event in honor of some amazing Latter-day Saint authors. Anyone interested is welcome to attend.
What do I wear to the Whitney Awards gala?
Whitney wardrobe choices vary from Sunday best to formal dress. Finalists and presenters tend to gravitate toward dressier attire. Full-sized ball gowns and top hats are pretty rare, but we welcome attendees and finalists alike to embrace the excitement of the occasion. Many attendees in the past have felt comfortable in Sunday best, but you don’t have to be a finalist or award presenter to have a little fun with your wardrobe choices.
Does the gala have assigned seating?
Seating is not assigned, but tables closer to the front are reserved for finalists, committee members, etc. Seating is open in both the reserved and unreserved sections. When you check in, we will let you know which section you may choose a seat in. Reserved tables will be marked accordingly.
How do I buy tickets?
Tickets will be available for purchase here closer to the event.
Why is there a charge for tickets, and as a finalist, do I get in free?
Event costs are covered by the ticket price. Unfortunately, the committee is unable to provide free tickets for finalists.
How do I check in at the gala?
There will be a check-in area outside the entrance to the ballroom, manned by our committee members. We will check your name on our master ticket list, and welcome you to the gala.
What if I don’t remember what meal I chose?
When you check in, you will be given a slip of paper with your meal choice on it, to simplify things for you and the wait staff.
I sold my ticket to someone else/I bought a ticket from someone else. What now?
Tickets cannot be refunded but they can be sold. The person who originally purchased the ticket will need to email us at Please be advised that the meal choice originally assigned to the ticket cannot be changed.
Where can I park?
There is a parking garage attached to the hotel. Simply ask for a token at the front desk in order to exit the structure.
If I’m not a finalist, is there a point to going to the gala?
Yes, yes, yes. Honoring the hard work of talented Latter-day Saint authors is an important endeavor. The sense of community at the Whitney gala every year is almost overpowering, and bearing witness to the great love and respect that authors from our religious community go out of their way to show each other is a heart-warming experience.