Ben Hale – The Fragment of Water (The Shattered Soul) (Volume 1)

Ben Hale's The Fragment Of Water's cover with a man with very blue eyes
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Born of magic in the final days of war, Draeken’s power is near absolute—until his soul shatters, leaving five fragments. Each possesses a single magic, and a consciousness of his own. Trained by the Hauntress, they secretly quell threats throughout the kingdoms, and their mastery grows with every passing age. But their time of unity has come, for a dangerous new foe has arrived. Long thought extinct, the ancient race of krey has returned to Lumineia, and they seek dominion over what they had lost. With an Eternal at his side, the fragment of Water is sent north in search of their lair. But in the ruins of an abandoned temple he will discover a darker truth. Kept secret since the Dawn of Magic, the Order of Ancients has members hidden among thieves, assassins, and even kings. After a millennia of waiting they rise . . . from anonymity to war.