Michelle Pennington – The Lovely Deep (The Mer Song Trilogy)

She’s fallen for a human, but how can you love one man while stealing another?

Narissa’s not just any mermaid. She’s a siren. She has the power to lure men into the sea, but all she wants is to live peacefully with them on land. Unfortunately, the mers are evolving and they’re depending on her for human mates to keep their bloodlines pure. Rebellion burns in Narissa’s heart, especially when her mother commands her to do her duty and return to the depths. She knows a way out, but asking a favor of Poseidon is too great a risk. When she falls for River, a man who makes her feel wanted and whole, she decides it’s worth the risk. But her choice pulls River unwillingly into her world where greedy mermaids hunt, seas rage, monsters lurk… And her enemy controls them all. Can she save her people without losing the man she loves? This is a clean romantic fantasy.