Cover of Tyson Abaroa's The Fattest Mormon




Tyson Abaroa – The Fattest Mormon


Phil Carroll, exiled from his old life, wanders across the country in his Winnebago looking for prize money, and any competition will do. When he learns about an $8,000 prize for a weight-loss competition in the mostly Mormon small towns of Taylor and Snowflake, Arizona, he drives across the country binge-eating zingers and pizza to get ready to lose as much weight as possible. This hustle could be it. He could finally come up with enough money to send himself to Japan to study his first love, Jiu-Jitsu, and lift his banishment from the sport. But, when he parks his Winnebago on the driveway of an old friend, his whole world is threatened by a narcissistic trainer, the second best weight loss hustler in the world, and the twelfth place crossfitting ex-husband of his beautiful personal trainer.