Carol Pratt Bradley – Waiting for the Light

Three thousand Jews have been brought as hostages to Babylon, as King Nebuchadnezzar continues his subjugation of the land of Judah. Daniel, now governor of the province of Babylon, is in a position to aid his people as they resettle outside of the ancient city of Nippur.

Daniel and Sarai are briefly reunited after eight long years of separation, but obstacles remain before they can be together. Daniel must secure permission to marry from King Nebuchadnezzar, whose increasingly erratic behavior has Daniel fearing for the king’s sanity and for the safety of his people.

As the Jews strive to adjust and even prosper in the land of their enemies, their future remains uncertain. Daniel, in his position of power, moderates King Nebuchadnezzar’s erratic behavior toward the Jewish captives. But if he loses his position, the people will suffer.

Meanwhile, the young and foolish Jehoaichin, puppet-ruler back in Jerusalem, continues to defy the Babylonian king, whose patience toward the Jews is wearing thin.

Daniel and Sarai face a precarious future, both for themselves and their people.