Jen Atkinson – Untouched

Thankful Tenys had never met anyone like him. She hadn’t met many boys really, being home-schooled her entire life. But after her mother’s illness, Thankful is forced into public school, her senior year. And that’s where she meets the mysterious Liam Gregor. Exiled by the entire school and deemed as cursed by his classmates, Thankful is warned to keep her distance from Liam. But with one tempting grin, Thankful can’t stop thinking about him. Befriending Liam may mean sending herself into exile, but his pull over her is strong. One touch and Thankful is falling. Her skin on his and Liam’s coffee brown eyes dissolve into a sea of blackness. Liam is cursed. Will meeting Liam be something she regrets or something only she can be thankful for?