Debra Erfert – Fire Setters

Good little boys aren’t supposed to play with fire.

While on a stakeout to catch the cretin who’s stalking a client, Private Investigator Candice Shane finds a house on fire–at midnight. A little girl’s tricycle in the yard prompts her hasty decision to break in, saving a sleeping woman and her three children. The husband is out of town. Candice is hired by the grateful woman to clear her husband from police suspicion, and to find out who wants them dead.

Fingerprints on the circuit breaker box connect the arson to two neighborhood boys, yet the troubled 12-year-old son mumbles the name Zane as he runs out of his smoke-filled room.

Clearing the husband is as easy as tracking his cell phone. Finding Zane, the kid seemingly behind the ring of juvenile fire-setters, takes old-fashion, shoe leather-thinning detective work and luck.