Stephanie Fowers – Out of the Mouth of Babes

Kids get away with saying most anything, like Aunt Gina should marry that charmer she met at their parent’s wedding.But that was before they were even born, and Gina won’t have anything to do with that guy who played with her heart that night—he’s a heartbreaker—no matter how much her niece and nephews adore him. Gina’s a workaholic career woman; he’s the irresponsible flirt. She ignores him; he teases her; she tells him off—at every barbecue, game night and party where family friends and “in-laws” unavoidably meet.Besides, it isn’t as if she doesn’t have plenty of OTHER options—the New York “Corporate Chocolate king,” for example, with his ready wit and dark good looks (not to mention those free samples!) is EVERY girl’s dream guy , and her self-assured boss with his hot car and speedier relationship changes has designs on her that would give any HR department a headache.That is, until her sister wins a cruise to the Caribbean with her husband and Gina is thrown in the path of that frustrating “player” while she breaks from her busy schedule to share the responsibilities with him to watch her niece and nephews. Co-parenting, anyone?Everything goes topsy-turvy when their two worlds collide, but considering how much each of them turns the other’s life upside down, could they actually be RIGHT for each other? And what do kids know anyway? Maybe everything.