Tamara Passey – Eleanor and the Christmas Carol Fudge

Eleanor Fooge didn’t ask to have a name that rhymed with the most famous miser in history, but she did vow to never be like him—a vow that was easy to keep during high school and college and right on through success at running her grandmother’s fudge business. But she discovered success was like trying to hold water in her hand—the harder she tried, the more tightfisted she became. When the orders slowed and the customers flocked to the new cupcake shop in town, her hands—and her heart—closed up and iced over. Soon it wasn’t just the business and protecting the family name at risk. As the boys in ninth grade had teased her, no one loves a Scrooge.

Cam Wilson traded his small ski-town childhood for big-city college and a fast track to the good life. Or so he thought. The only good thing about his new job was the money. He hadn’t bargained for the travel, the constant pressure to deliver results, and the shallow relationships that would leave him wanting more. The years he spent helping desperate CEOs save their businesses from bankruptcy taught him something he hadn’t expected—he may have left the good life back in Pine Creek.

He found himself missing everything he thought he didn’t need—fresh air, a town full of people who felt like family, a view of the mountains that never got old. And longing for one more chance to get to know Eleanor—the girl with the funny last name but the sweetest smile he’d ever seen. Going back wasn’t the hard part. What he wanted was a reason to stay.