Jaclyn Weist – Limitless

Hattie loves nothing more than getting away from palace life and spending time with her best friend in the village. The simple life with Cedric is much more exciting than being a princess with the weight of the kingdom on her shoulders. When her parents announce that it’s time to find a suitor, Hattie knows there is one boy who has already stolen her heart. Living on the streets after his father is banished for using magic, Cedric has learned to fend for himself. Working for the man who took him in keeps him from starving, but he wants to make something of himself. Otherwise, he has no hope of winning Princess Hattie’s heart.When a mage curses Hattie’s family on her sixteenth birthday, she and Cedric must flee the kingdom to keep her safe. Now Cedric’s absent father may be the hero they need to help defeat the mage—if they can find him. Will Hattie and Cedric manage to find their happily ever after, or will they be destined to live apart forever?