2014 Outstanding Achievement Award – Andrew Hall

Portrait of Andrew Hall

Andrew Hall is an Associate Professor of Japanese History at Kyushu University in Fukuoka, Japan. He grew up in Whittier, California, with parents who lined the walls with history books and novels. Andrew took history as his profession, and reviewing literature as his hobby. He attended BYU, where experiencing Eugene England’s Mormon Literature course sparked an interest in following Mormon fiction.

He participated in the Association for Mormon Letters email discussion group in the 1990s while working on graduate degrees in Japanese colonial education history at the University of Pittsburgh. In 2000 he began writing an annual “Mormon Literature Year in Review”, going over the state of the publishing field, and noting some of the best reviewed and best selling Mormon-authored fiction in both the national and Mormon markets.

In 2007 he shifted his reviews to the A Motley Vision and the AML Dawning of a Brighter Day blogs. In 2010 he started writing what became the This Month in Mormon Literature column for Dawning of a Brighter Day. These columns collected news about the publishing industry and reviews of prose fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, theater, and film created by Mormon artists. He received a 2011 Association for Mormon Letters Special Award for Literary Journalism. Meanwhile he taught history at the University of North Texas, and then since 2010 at Kyushu University. His articles have been published in The Journal of Asian Studies and Kyushu Shigaku. Andrew and his wife Jenifer have four children, all of them bilingual in Japanese and English.