2014 Lifetime Achievement Award – Margaret Blair Young

Portrait of Margaret Young

Margaret Blair Young has written and published much literary fiction, beginning with her first sale to The Southern Review during her university studies. With Darius Gray, she coauthored Standing on the Promises, a trilogy about early Black Mormon pioneers.

She has written and published a variety of literary works, including her novels (House Without Walls, Salvador, and Heresies of Nature), two short story collections (Elegies and Love Songs and Love Chains), and two plays. I Am Jane, a play about Black pioneer Jane James, was produced throughout the U.S. Dear Stone was loosely based on her sister-in-law, Nancy, who had M.S. and died on the opening night of the play.

Margaret has contributed to other film projects, including a short documentary about Jane, and a longer documentary collaboration with Darius, Nobody Knows: The Untold Story of Black Mormons. Her next project is a feature film called Heart of Africa.

Her work has been recognized with four awards from the Association for Mormon Letters: for short fiction, drama, and two for novels. In 2003, she won Utah’s Best of State medal for fiction. She has received many other awards, including several from the Utah Arts Council: a publication prize, first place novel, first place collected fiction, and first place short story.

She taught in the English department at Brigham Young University for thirty years, influencing thousands of students and young writers, and she served as president of the Association for Mormon Letters. Margaret wants her epitaph to say merely, “She loved the Lord.”