2015 Outstanding Achievement Award – Tracy and Laura Hickman

Portraits of Traci and Laura Hickman

International and NYT Best-selling fantasy author Tracy Hickman is best known for the DRAGONLANCE series of fantasy novels and has over sixty books in print. Tracy was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. After graduating from high school, he served two years as an LDS missionary in Hawaii Indonesia. He married his high school sweetheart, Laura Curtis, within four months of his returning to the United States. They have been married ever since and are the parents of four children and five (soon to be six) grandchildren.

Tracy had many jobs before joining TSR (game publishing company and the publisher of Dungeons & Dragons) in 1982, including working as a supermarket stockboy, a movie projectionist, a theater manager, a glass worker, a television assistant director and a drill press operator in a genealogy center. With TSR, Tracy was involved with the publication of some of the best known adventure modules for the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game. That job lead to Tracy’s association with Margaret Weis and their first publication together: the Dragonlance Chronicles. Since that time in 1985, Tracy has authored or coauthored over sixty book titles.

In 1999 Pyramid magazine named Tracy Hickman one of The Millennium’s Most Influential Persons “at least in the realm of adventure gaming.” The magazine stated that Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis are “basically responsible for the entire gaming fiction genre.” Hickman was inducted into the Origins Hall of Fame in 2002.

For over 30 years, author Laura Hickman has been writing and creating fantasy games and novels with her husband, Tracy Hickman. They are pioneers of New Media Publishing and carrying their message of story to the world. The Hickmans are innovators in the publishing industry, and have paved the way in out-of-the-box publishing methods.

Tracy and Laura have attended conferences and conventions all over the country, and began teaching seminars and workshops on creative writing at the Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers conference. In 2010, they began offering their writing course online at their Scribe’s Forge website.