Michaelbrent Collings – The Longest Con

Would you like to know – I mean, REALLY know – what our favorite authors are doing when they go to those fancy comic-cons? Because it ain’t just writing. See, every year, thousands of people attend comic-cons dressed as monsters. Of course, you probably already knew that. But did you ALSO know that… every year, thousands of MONSTERS attend comic-cons dressed as PEOPLE. Sure. Nothing could POSSIBLY go wrong there. Luckily, the con organizers have placed Wardens throughout the conventions. These undercover supernatural troubleshooters are tasked with stopping mayhem before it starts . . . or solving the murders after they happen. I’M MICHAELBRENT COLLINGS: author of this book, and one of the Wardens. My job is to go to the cons, where I sell books, make fans, and kill the occasional monster. It’s not just me, either. Those authors I told you about . . . you’d never guess what many of your favorite authors are REALLY up to at the conventions. Luckily, though, you don’t have to guess. JUST READ THIS BOOK. And get ready to have . . . your . . . mind . . . BLOWN.*— * Void where prohibited. Not valid in the United States or any other country. Reading this book may cause side effects including but not limited to: uncontrollable awesomeness, increase in beauty, heightened IQ, and/or dusty urine. Use responsibly and remember to always wear your seatbelt.