Bridget E. Baker – Finding Cupid

Opposites may attract, but can they stand each other once they do?

There are two things event planner Geo Polson will not do. She won’t plan weddings, and she will not date. No exceptions.

Billionaire venture capitalist Trig Thornton doesn’t live by hard and fast rules. After all, you don’t finish first by staying in your lane. But when his best friend forces him to help plan a bachelor party, he doesn’t expect to be smitten by the feisty wedding planner.

Geo’s already broken one cardinal rule at the behest of her bestie. There’s no way she’s going to so much as bend another. But Trig isn’t easily dissuaded, and he’s made it his business to help Geo relax and have some fun. Will he heal Geo’s wounded heart, or are her rules the only thing keeping her safe?