Laura Beers – An Unexpected Gentleman

An American doctor and an entitled earl… should they risk it all for love?Amelia Wright is a Harvard-trained doctor and is on the cusp of obtaining everything she’s worked so hard to achieve. But her ailing mother convinces her to leave work behind and travel to Twickenham Manor for the Full Moon Ball. While there, she inadvertently travels back to the year 1813.

Adam, Earl of Harrington, is struggling to cope with the death of his wife. He mistakenly believes Miss Wright is a cheeky American spinster applying for a position as his daughter’s governess. He dismisses her for lack of qualifications but finds himself baffled by the instant connection that this woman shares with his eight-year-old daughter.

As fate intervenes, Adam’s heart begins to soften towards the headstrong woman, but can he overlook her outlandish ways? Amelia does not intend to stay in the nineteenth century, but when she begins to lose her heart to the boorish Earl, will she change her mind?