Rebecca Connolly – The Rivals of Rosennor Hall

One estate. Two heirs. No rules, only battle lines.

Anson does not have much in her life to call her own and never has. Nothing surprises or delights her more than to suddenly be named mistress of Rosennor Hall, and from a relation she had never heard of nor met at that. But her elation is short lived, for she is not the only heir to the estate, and the will is very specific. The two of them are to share Rosennor. Together.Larkin Roth does not have time nor energy to deal with the twisted and ridiculous legacy left to him and the fair but fiery Miss Anson. He is determined to stand his ground and fight for every inch of the estate he can get, and he does not care what happens to her in the process. But a life in the same house as Sophia Anson could never be simple, and soon he finds himself thinking of her as more than just his enemy, and of Rosennor as more than just his inheritance.