Shaela Kay – The Rodenburg Girl

As royal ambassador to the English crown, Viscount Ellsworth has only one objective in Prussia: to secure the support of their previous allies. With France on the verge of revolution, eastern Europe a hotbed of unrest, and his own country embroiled in a bitter war with the American colonists, the last thing on his mind is finding a wife. But when presented with the opportunity to marry the bewitching daughter of the Lord Overseer in Strausberg, Viscount Ellsworth cannot deny the attraction he feels for the bright young noblewoman, nor the political advantage such a marriage could bring.

Born the eldest daughter of a Prussian princess, Margareta Rodenburg has beauty, power, wealth––and a mind of her own. Despite her mother’s careful guidance, Greta is headstrong and defiant; more concerned about the handsome Hans Schneider than in being a dutiful daughter. When her father arranges a marriage between herself and a foreign dignitary, Greta refuses to comply, and determines instead to run off with the man she loves. But is chasing the freedom her heart longs for worth the risk of losing her family, her home, and the life she has always known?