Jo Noelle – Immediately Wanted: Fiancée

Easton Winslow has been checking off her goals. Undergrad from Brown University. Check. MBA from Yale. Check. Her next goal is an internship at a Fortune 500 Company. She’s hardly given five minutes at the interview with Systems Aware, and she learns that Mr. Preston is more interested in hiring a mini-me than taking her interview seriously. However, she has connections he wants—and she’s willing to make a trade.

CEO, Royce Preston has recently opened a new office for his successful internet security firm. As “new money,” his opportunity to associate with the influential business owners in the region has been nonexistent. So when Easton offers him the introductions he needs, he has to take the deal, but he doesn’t have to like it—or her.

What neither of them wanted out of the deal was falling in love.