Jill S. Richards – Crown of Deception: Secrets and Blood

Welcome to Brontess, where luxury entices, and secrets kill. After a harrowing journey from her home, Kalenna, Princess of Arenui, thinks she has found refuge in her new kingdom. She will marry her love, Prince Alexandros, and find her happiness at his side. But dreams are brittle and easily shatter. Kalenna discovers that the promises made to her are much like her safety: a mere illusion. She must protect herself from those vying for her blood, and from the savage King Decimus who desires to claim her for his own. With a castle shrouded in deception, Kalenna is left to fight for love and life. How can she navigate the lies that wind deeper than the passages beneath her feet, when her own secrets are grave enough to ruin everything she holds dear? Still, she must choose: Princess or Queen?