Jana Miller – Springback

Just because someone can rewind time…doesn’t always mean they should.

Sixteen-year-old Chloe has always used her rewinding ability to keep her life as smooth as possible, flying under the radar. But when the strands of time go haywire, she fears that time itself might be in danger and reluctantly confronts Jake, the careless senior she suspects has the same power.

Their investigation into family secrets leads to a mystery surrounding an ancient amulet, and the two find themselves scrambling to locate the amulet before someone else does–someone who will stop at nothing to strip Chloe of her ability, even if it means erasing lives altogether.

When she discovers the truth about one of the tragedies that has shaped her life, Chloe is faced with heart-wrenching decisions–and the question she’s been avoiding for seven years: does this extraordinary ability give her any right to manipulate other people’s lives?