Josi Avari – Hen Pecked

Something’s fishy in Maika’i, the cozy little Hawaiian town where Saffron Skye runs her egg farm and Brightblossom Events.

Along the boardwalk of Holoholo Street you’ll find a cheery market, a friendly kitchen store, and a cozy bookshop. But you’ll also find old secrets and new plots.

The town of Maika’i is gentle and friendly, and Saffron Skye is trying to keep it that way.

But that’s hard to do when you’re in the back of a Buick being kidnapped by a cruel woman and her henpecked husband. Now, Saffron must escape and make it to the secret wedding she’s been hired to arrange. A sizeable inheritance hinges on it going off without complication. But when a dead woman washes up on the shore behind the happy couple, Saffron is plunged into a murder investigation.

A secret wedding. A dead woman. Poisons and curses.