Josi Avari – Home to Roost

The world’s most prestigious tiki carving championship has come to Maikai, the cozy little Hawaiian town where Saffron Skye runs her egg farm and Brightblossom Events.

Saffron’s friend Mano is participating in the Kahuna Kalai Championships to determine who is the world’s best tiki carver. Saffron is in charge of the ten-day event, and from the beginning, she is chipping away at mysteries.

First, the tikis are changing. Carvers are complaining that the masks and mugs they carved yesterday don’t look the same today. Is it tiki magic or something more sinister? The judges suspect Mano, and Saffron has three days to clear his name.

But before she can, the championship is interrupted by a terrible discovery: the body of a news reporter. Can Saffron and her broody hen, Cupcake, whittle down the suspects and find the killer?