Jesse Booth – Outcast

Lost and forgotten. An eternal, menial existence.

Leif Villers has been a vampire for nearly a century, and he hates what he is. Unwilling to live in the present, he falls into surfacing memories and re-experiences them — memories of Camilla and the Frost Boarding House, and of course, his beloved Gemma MacLugh who was murdered by a dragon shifter.

But the hermit vampire doesn’t know he’s being hunted, and after being rescued by the most unlikely person, he joins a school of vampires directed by a visionary leader known as Draven Denholm. Leif is motivated by Draven’s promise of discovering the way to resurrect his betrothed. But such promises come with a cost.

In an effort to bring Gemma back, will Leif forsake his past and become the very thing he abhors most?