Nicholas Petrarch – Daughters of Aether

What would you do if you knew your life was about to change forever?

Excited by the prospect of her new life in Hatteras, Emmaline, the daughter of a wealthy merchant in a city recovering from war, is eager to show her father she’s ready for high society. In this tumultuous world, families rise and fall as quickly as the tides, and an advantageous marriage would certainly secure their place on the Spire.

But navigating the meritocracy proves more of a challenge than she thought, and when a scandal arises between her father and his mistress—a relationship kept hidden for years—everything their family has worked to achieve is jeopardized. In such a dire moment, and with the help of her uncle and an tinkerer’s apprentice, Emmaline must find a way to mend her home amidst the struggles of growing up before her family is brought to ruin.