Tifani Clark – Running from the Dark

When high school senior Sarah Raines is forced to go on a science field trip as part of detention, she never dreams it will turn her life upside down. The group of five students and their teacher stumble across a crime scene in the woods and are taken hostage by the criminals. Locked in a dark storage room with the football star, the cheer queen, the book nerd, and the school slacker, Sarah thinks she has everyone figured out. That is, until the secrets start to come out. It seems no one is who she thought they were—most of all Connor the slacker. When Sarah finds a way to escape, the teens flee into the treacherous Montana wilderness. Tracked by the kidnappers at every turn, the group is forced to split up. Sarah and Connor go in search of help, but are soon faced with an impossible decision. Do they die—or become killers themselves?