Chelsea Hale – Secrets, Fireworks, and her Billionaire Boyfriend

Sayler Davenport lives to work. When her boss, Liam Summers, goes on his honeymoon and forces Sayler to take a six-week vacation, she finds herself out of her element trying to relax. Changing course, she visits her brother in The Cove, determined to be productive during time off by decorating her brother’s mansion. She never expected she’d need to defend the property from a thief.

Billionaire Brooks Morgan is a resident in The Cove, and most definitely not a thief, but he has secrets that can’t be shared with anyone; especially not while his company has received worldwide negative attention.

He wants to make a good impression by throwing the biggest party The Cove has seen to date. In danger of losing his company and his heart, he sets out to win Sayler over and to improve his PR situation. When doubt creeps in and secrets threaten to tear all that has been built apart, will sparks fly or will the only fireworks be in the sky?