Chelsea Hale – Snowed In with the Movie Star Billionaire

Billionaire Jordan Stone craves time away from his Hollywood life of crushing fans and heads to his secluded cabin in Vail, Colorado. Normally he feels peaceful at his private retreat, but this time everything he hasn’t accomplished in his life crashes down on him, convincing him that it’s time to sell his multimillion-dollar home.

Madilyn Nelson is the best realtor in Denver, Colorado. She knows it, and everyone who asks for her by name knows it. New clients soliciting her expertise comes as no surprise, but when the client has an NDA and only wants pictures taken, Madilyn is shocked. Determined to win over the client and make the enormous commission, Madilyn commutes to Vail.

When Madilyn realizes her client is a famous actor, she’s determined to finish the job and leave without a backward glance. She’s unimpressed by his fame, even if he is gorgeous. Too bad an avalanche derails her plans, snowing them in together.

Since playing the hero in romance movies, Jordan isn’t sure what to do around people who aren’t charmed by him. The more time he spends with Madilyn the more he realizes what it would be like to leave the celebrity fame, and it’s a welcome change.

Sparks fly, but when misunderstandings arise, it will take more than acting a part for them to reach their happily ever after.