Mindy Burbidge Strunk – Reforming the Gambler

He has lost everything. She has everything to lose.

Lord Ian Pinkerton enjoyed a carefree life, until his brother cut him off without a penny. After he wins an estate, he thinks his luck may be changing. Until he sees it. With no funds to fix his rundown estate, Ian considers leaving Scotland until he meets his beautiful neighbor. But to his surprise, she seems to detest him.

Catriona Melton, Baroness of Crannach, has been in hiding with her son on a remote Scottish isle. When she meets the handsome Lord Ian, she quickly decides she wants nothing to do with him. But every encounter they have seems to contradict her earlier assumptions.

When an old foe threatens to take everything from Cat, Ian steps in to help and Cat must decide if her old assumptions or her heart will prevail.