2016 Outstanding Achievement Award – Liz Adair

Liz Adair is a Native New Mexican, but lived 40 years in the Pacific Northwest. A mother of 7—4 biological and 3 from rent-a-kid, and has been married for 53 years to Spider Latham Derrill Adair.

Liz always wanted to write stories but never had the discipline to do more than think up plots. Fast forward to her middle age years where, after raising 7 children and running her own bakery, she finally had the personal tools to start a project and finish it. After the death of her mother, her grieving process turned into a seven pound manuscript which, twenty-some-odd years—and several rewrites—later, won a Whitney Award.

When she began writing she thought all you had to do was sit down and write. She had no idea there was craft involved.  She had three books published with Deseret Book before she joined ANWA and found out what point of view was.  When she finally tumbled to the fact that there were things she needed to learn, she became a Zealot—like Johnny Appleseed, planting writers groups wherever she could.

She was a founding member of Round Tuit Writers in Sedro Woolley Washington and a founding member of the Northwest Writers Retreat, which will celebrate its 10th Anniversary this year. She is also a founding member of Willow Writers  and of Red Rock Writers, both in Kanab Utah, and is chairman of the Kanab Writers Conference and the Kanab Self Publishing Conference. She’s presented at conferences in Washington, Arizona, Utah and Ohio. Liz served on the LDStorymakers Board of Directors for three years, as board chairman for the last year, and also on the board of Indieauthor Hub.

Besides winning the 2009 Whitney Award, Liz has had books as finalists for the 2015 Whitney Award, the 2016 RONE Award, the 2016 Utah Book Award, the 2010 Arizona Publisher Association’s Glyph Award and the 2010 Willa Award.

Liz’s books can be found HERE.

And her website is HERE.