Lisa Swinton – Falling Down Under

Her wedding will save her family from ruin. But opera’s Aussie bad boy won’t let the ring on her finger stop him. Will she choose her family or her heart? Giada’s sick of hearing Jack Wellington’s name before she even lands in Australia for her next opera. And her mother doesn’t need to be there to ensure Giada doesn’t fall prey to his charms. She’s a grown woman who can take care of herself, and she’s well aware that a scandal could prevent her wedding to one of Italy’s most eligible bachelors. Not to mention, his wealth will save her family. If only Giada could shake the lingering doubt that she doesn’t know what love is. Jack’s used to getting the woman he wants. For this opera, he has his sights set on Giada. The ring on her finger only adds to the challenge. When his usual tactics fail, he’s forced to face his inner demons to become a man worthy of her. But such a man wouldn’t entice her into his arms to break her engagement. When the opera ends, Giada must decide between a marriage that will save her family or risk it all on a man trying to steal her heart.