E. E. Everly – My Storm Sprite

Life on Earth is all sweaty night clubs and ambrosia-induced euphoria until a vampire coven and demon horde ruin everything.

Sasha’s world has been altered after a deadly fight with the vampires and demons. Because her storm sprite blood is still such a hot commodity, as is her amulet that steals supernatural powers, Sasha’s on every vampire and demon hit list out there.

As well as her son.

After Sasha nearly dies from taking her son to the fae world for protection, she returns to Earth with an unwelcome companion—Thandoran, a rogue storm sprite, who swears his allegiance to Sasha.

Despite Thandoran’s own secrets, Sasha’s determined to hunt the demon who cursed her. But after the chaos caused by her hot companion butting heads with the new vampire leader, Sasha’s heart can’t take the tugging and the pain from her prior life and her prior love.

Something has to give because all the ambrosia on Earth can’t give Sasha a bliss-out strong enough to ignore those wanting to suck her dry.