E. E. Everly – Shattered

Apparently, I’m an alien from another world, an emrys who can wield light. Just another truth kept from me. But at least I can fly and torch things.
As a shy girl who lives on a cliff, I have a completely normal life getting ready for college until, one night, an encounter in the woods changes me forever. Under a fae spell, I ignite my powers of light for the first time and meet Cystenian, an immortal Son of Light, who, I can’t decide, is either an angel or demon. Together, we pass through a portal to his world to flee from the fae and their magic.

Despite entering the other world, I wake up at home and discover the portal is closed and Cystenian’s gone. But the effects of the spell are unavoidable. I might even say life-altering. I’m determined to find a way back to Cystenian to discover who I really am and to learn how to use my awesome new powers. Unfortunately, Cystenian has secrets of his own, secrets compelling enough to make him wish he’d met me under different circumstances—or not at all.