Gary Darby – Hope Beyond the Tears

Sparks flew the moment Travis met Jaime, but for Jaime, they were the wrong kind. She had plans and he wasn’t going to stop her. Traumatized by war, Travis believed he was a broken man and yearned for a better life. Headed west in search of that vision, he stepped off the bus in Montana and into a nightmare. Fighting off a gang of cowboy thugs, he quickly discovered that he’d jumped off the bus into a town straight out of the old west—controlled by a family with wealth, power, dark secrets, and no desire to follow the law to achieve their sinister ends.Three years before, Jaime’s high school love died in a terrible accident the night of their prom. Shattered by her loss, she thought she would never know real love again. With the fear of her mother’s life-threatening cancer returning along with the loss of their beloved ranch, Jaime set out to protect her family at all costs from another heart-breaking tragedy, which meant agreeing to marry a man she barely tolerated. Was it possible that an untamed horse named Big Red was the key to mend both hearts, or was the lonely, loveless future each envisioned their destiny?