Melanie Jacobson – The Big Easy and Other Lies

Seventeen-year-old New Orleans native Camille Landry has one shot to get into the prestigious SoHo School of Fashion Design, but it means producing an insane, even socially suicidal, collection from the bizarre innards of the hoard in her great aunt’s house.
Until now, Cam’s main goal in life has been to escape three things: the dead end of New Orleans, the unpredictable wrath of her elderly aunt/guardian, and the scrutiny of her wealthy classmates at the private high school that she attends on scholarship. But when senior year ushers in a chance to prove herself on the design scene in front of all of New Orleans Society, she must find the courage to reveal her talent to the world. The last thing she expects is to fall for a transfer student, named Rhett, of all things, who is first cousins to Angelique, the girl who has made Cam’s high school experience “belle hell”. But Cam is about to realize that she’s not the only one with skeletons in her closets and confronting them is the key to understanding both her past and her future.