T. J. Amberson – Back to Lakewood Med

Rachel Nelson dreams of being accepted into the emergency medicine residency program at Lakewood Medical Center. First, though, Rachel must prove herself during a second med student rotation in Lakewood’s fast-paced, high-stakes emergency department. Rachel is sure her prospects for the next four weeks couldn’t get any more daunting, but then she learns that she’ll have to work with Austin Cahill, a fellow fourth-year medical student and the most aggravating guy she knows. Facing a month of inevitable clashes with Austin, increasing pressures from her family, and her own insecurities and self-doubt, Rachel fears she has no chance of succeeding. But as her return to Lakewood gets underway, Rachel comes to the startling realization that she might have been wrong about a lot of things, including her own heart. When disaster strikes the ER, Rachel must confront the biggest challenge of her life with her hopes for her future—and her heart—on the line.