Victorine E. Lieske – A Marriage of Anything But Convenience

It was a simple marriage of convenience. Just two years. What could possibly go wrong?
Nara couldn’t believe it when her father came up with the crazy idea that she needed to marry Mr. Stuffy himself. Derek Marshall. Sure, he was stinkin’ gorgeous and made her insides quiver. But marry him? She was on her way to getting her dream job as a fashion designer. Well, on her way if you counted getting coffee for someone who had her dream job.

Derek has been in love with Nara all his life. But how can he possibly get her to see it? He’s not cool like the men Nara usually dates. He gets tongue tied around her. But now they’re married and all he can think about is the clock ticking down until the divorce date.

Can he show her how much he really cares?