Elizabeth A. Drysdale – Curse of the Forgotten

Wren has been living in New York with her aunt ever since her mother left her behind to live with her boyfriend. She’s even on track to graduate from high school early despite her rebellious streak. When her mother suddenly sends for her, Wren is forced to move to the middle of nowhere to live with a mother she knows nothing about and her new family. Refusing to accept her new life, Wren is desperate for a way to return to New York. When she discovers gold, she thinks she’s found a way home. But instead of finding riches she gets lost in an enormous cave. Following a mysterious light, she finds refuge in a large underground castle. However, safety isn’t what she finds. By entering the castle, she entangles herself in an ancient rivalry and learns she must break a curse if she ever wishes to leave. Threatened by a horrible monster, Wren must do the impossible. Learn to love him. Only then can she truly be free.