Valierie Loveless – Unbroken Promises of the Heart

Liz and Mary Scheme to make Mary’s dream of owning a hat shop come true, they are unaware that their husbands, Michael and Peter are scheming behind their backs to try to realize a dream of theirs that the girls do not discover until late in the story. Harriet, Liz’s sister, has come home and has eyes for the mysterious Isaac all the while being pursued by the quirky revered Lyons. Harriet, with the help of her famous sister, gets a job editing at the Gazette but the pudgy, foolish son of the owner, continually makes her job awkward are difficult. He is determined to undermine her position and make her his wife. Liz struggles with being a newlywed, being “With Child” and keeping up on her writing, Mary and her sister Harriet attempt to help her navigate this difficult time as her Peter seems to be preoccupied. In the meantime, the gazette featurette progresses with the botched wedding of Lavender and John by the miraculously undead pirate, Morose. Morose claims to have been rescued by a mermaid.