Finalist Spotlight

Keira Dominguez

Keira Dominguez graduated from BYU in ye olden times. She lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and assorted children. She wonders if this pandemic will ever end and if, when it does, she will have to stop wearing strechy pants all the time.

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Keira Dominguez on her Whitney Award Finalist novel,

The Telling Touch

What was the inspiration for your Whitney Awards finalist novel?

My side characters are always elbowing at the leads for extra room. It was fun to take Meg, such an opinionated person in my first novel, and put her at the center of a story to see what trouble she could get herself into. It turns out that Meg is fantastic at getting herself into trouble.

What was the tipping point that turned this novel from “just an idea” to a project you HAD to complete?

As soon as I knew what her basic insecurities were, Meg came alive. I prefer to begin my plotting from the position of, “What is the flaw that needs to be overcome?” and when I know that, I have to set about fixing it. I’m basically the coach from the first Rocky movie, not letting Meg quit jumping rope until she is a boxing machine.

How did this book evolve into the final story? Did it end up the way you thought it would, or did the plot or characters change along the way?

I knew who Meg was and I knew where she needed to end up but I add a magical component to my books and that’s often the part that has to be bent to the needs of the story. As I wrote, I was looking for ways to make it impossible for Meg to stay comfortable. Having her magic drag her into situations she would much rather avoid, is just the ticket.

Who is your favorite secondary character, and why?

Brooks. Brooks, Brooks, Brooks. Faithful family retainer, mouthy servant, wooer of middle-aged housekeepers and silver fox. I have a fan club in my heart for Brooks. We are always looking for new recruits.

If your book was made into a movie, which scene would you want to be a background extra in?

I am in the church, passing notes from one pew to the next after Meg and Nick’s engagement is announced. I am spilling all the tea with my fellow congregants. I am also in historically accurate clothing and I look fantastic, if anyone cares to know.