Rescuing the Sheriff's Heart

Rescuing the Sheriff's Heart

Lorin Grace

A know-it-all teacher, an overworked sheriff, and the job she shouldn’t take.

Ready to prove to herself and the world that she doesn’t need anyone, Emily crosses the country to accept a teaching position in Texas. As an orphan, she’s lived off other’s second skimmings most of her life. Her perfect grades have earned her the perfect job, and no one is going to stand in her way, especially a scruffy sheriff.

TJ Morgan has one job, to keep the residents of Hiramsville safe. When a soiled dove dies under mysterious circumstances, TJ vows to find her killers. When Emily arrives in town, he must take drastic measures to keep her out of harm’s way.

Saving Emily against her will isn’t enough when a coded journal sheds light on the depth of corruption in the western town. What Emily learns decoding the tale puts both their lives in danger. Working together, they find their hearts entwined even as outlaws try to tear them apart. Can Emily find what she has needed her entire life? Can TJ save his heart?

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